Prayer request (1)

•   I would like your prayers as my wife had to go to the hospital.   Also I ask you to pray that my music would sell on the internet (iTunes, – my artist name is GLam’s Song) as I need to earn a living thru it! Thanks, in Christ. (Gordon – Canada)

•   I would like to pray for a friend who has cancer.  If it is your will, may she be cured of her illness. (Maria – Malta)

•   Please pray for my 30 year old son who is a drug addict. (Anonymous – Malta)

•   A friend of mine who is a disabled person is trying to find work. I ask for your prayers so that Jesus may provide him with a suitable work. Thanks. (George – Malta)


If you want your prayer request to be added in this section and on the website ‘Peace and unity in our lives’ , just email me on the following address and I will post your prayer request accordingly.



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