Chiara Lubich

“By loving Him, Christians find the reason and the strength not to escape from suffering, from evil, from division, but to accept them, thus making a personal contribution of their own.”


“That all may be one.” We were born for these words, for unity, to contribute toward its fulfillment in the world.


“In life we do many things, say many things, but the voice of suffering offered out of love – which is perhaps unheard by and unknown to others – is the loudest cry that can penetrate Heaven”


“We have understood that the world needs a treatment of… the Gospel, because only the Good News can give back to the world the life it lacks.”


“The one who trusts entirely in God lets God himself act and… to him nothing is impossible.   The faith that Jesus wants from his disciples is a totally trusting attitude which enables God to manifest his power. And this faith is not reserved for certain exceptional people. It is possible and dutiful for all believers.”


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