Monthly Reflection by George Calleja – January 2013 – ‘Jesus in my neighbour’

Everybody in this world wants to be loved.  If we do not love, if I am not being loved, there would be emptiness in the world around us.  Love is to be sincere, genuine, and real.  This love is the love of Jesus, the love He gave to the world.

We are to love everyone, in other words our neighbour is whom we are to love.  And here is the challenge.  How am I to love someone whom is difficult to love?  How am I to love someone who has only shown hatred?

The secret of how to love, is by knowing Jesus in a personal way.  Knowing Him is knowing His love, is knowing how to love.  He has loved everyone by dying on the cross.

My neighbour, is Jesus.  When I love my neighbour I am loving Jesus.  I am to see Jesus in my neighbour.  Only by loving Jesus I am able to love my neighbour.

Jesus is my neighbour. Am I loving Jesus?  Am I loving my neighbour?


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