Monthly Reflection by George Calleja – June 2013 – ‘Give His love to others’

Being loved by Him, is the love to give to others.  The love of Jesus is not to be kept to yourself, but is the love to give to others, that is your neighbour.

Loving other people is a way to spread the Good News, that Jesus is Lord.  You can give the love of Jesus to others by helping the people in their needs.  These people could be working with you at your daily workplace, your family and relative, the shopkeeper, the street cleaner, and many other people whom you meet in your daily life.

For sure, all of these people need some kind of help in their daily life……maybe a smile from you to help them be encouraged and not lose hope, maybe helping the old person to cross the road, or maybe sharing some helpful thought with regards to life problems.

You can be Jesus to others in many different ways.  Through your different kind of acts of love to others, they can experience His love in a personal way.

So, give His love to others, to the people you meet every day.


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