Monthly Reflection by George Calleja – May 2014 – ‘Everyday’

Everyday is an important moment in life. Each day we face many decisions to make, we meet different people, and we have different opportunities to love.

How are we living the days of our lives? Are we living a life were we do not care about the person next to us? Are we only inerested about our own interests? Are we really loving the way Jesus taught us to love?

Everyday is an opportunity to give this love of Jesus to others. Everyday…….if only each day of our lives are truly lived through His love. Everyday would be a gift to others!

Yes… is possible that each day be a gift to others…..only if we live through His love….increase our faith in Him…. spend time in prayer… Him in our lives….and trust Him more in each situation of our lives. Everyday would be like paradise…..everyday would be lived with Him.

Go give His love to others. Make each day in other people lives a treasure, a gift, to know Jesus in a personal way.

Jesus is the way to live each day of our lives.


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