Monthly Reflection by George Calleja – August 2014 – ‘Time… share His love’

Time. How do we use our time? Are we wasting our time, or making good use of it?

Every person make use of time in different ways. Most of our time is for working, education and taking care of our families. We are responsible of how we use our time.

Using our time in the most effective way is by sharing His love to others. Giving Jesus to other people is a very precious thing. There are different ways how to share His love. Using time to share His love is investing in our future….and of others, that is to be with Jesus, His Father and the Holy Spirit for ever.

It is a pity that the world is crying for peace, and people do not find the time to give Jesus to others, by visiting the poor, helping the sick, caring for our elderly relatives, being with the spiritual broken people, above all giving Jesus to all. Blessed are those, who use their time by sharing Jesus with others.

So let us be encouraged, let us do that extra step, let us not be afraid, let us use time wisely by giving Jesus to others. Invest in time by investing in His love.

Your time is His love to you.

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