Monthly Reflection by George Calleja – March 2015 – ‘Everyday brings opportunities to love’

Everyday, there are many opportunities where we can love. Everyday, brings some sort of opportunities to love our neighbour.

During the day, are we recognizing what these opportunities are? Are we recognizing the times when we did not love our neighbour, when the opportunity was there?

Most of the people cross a road many times during the day. Was there an opportunity to help an old person feel secured while crossing the road? Did we help that person to cross the road?

During our time at the workplace, was there an opportunity to prepare tea for our colleagues? Did we take that opportunity to love our colleagues by doing tea for them?

During the day, there are many more opportunities how we can love our neighbour. Are we taking this challenge by loving them? Maybe someone is seeking help to overcome a problem he is facing. Are we there to help that person overcome that problem?

Everyday, is a challenge in our lives. Everyday, brings opportunities to love. Everyday, we want to be loved by others.

Jesus showed us how we are to love our neighbour. Now it is up to us, to love the other person whenever the opportunity is there, that is during every moment of the day.


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