Monthly Reflection – July 2015 – ‘Sharing His Love’

Sharing His love with others, that is to share about God’s love with the people you meet during the day, is a very important deed to be undertaken by every Christian. God’s love needs to be proclaimed throughout the world. Everyone is an important person that deserves to know about God’s love in a personal way. The question is, but am I proclaiming His love with other people?
This is a challenge, which I have taken up seriously in my life. This is a challenge for you to undertake through His love. People are waiting for his witnesses to share about His love. Sharing of one’s experience of what God has done in a person’s life, can be the changing point of one’s life upon hearing such an experience. Your experience of God’s Love can make a difference to others.
Throughout my life, ever since I have accepted God to take control of my life, I have experienced that I need to share His love with other people. God made a difference in my life. Now, my life has a meaning…. that is to love my neighbour through His daily love He gives to me and which I share with others.
Those who know God in a personal way, have the responsibility to share His love with others. Go… share His love… and help people to know Him in a personal way.

In every day of my life I share His love with others… are you also sharing His love with others?

George Calleja

Monthly Reflections by George Calleja


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