Monthly Reflection – December 2015 – ‘All I want for Christmas is… Peace’

Once again it is Christmas time and many people are doing their Christmas shopping. There are different gifts one can buy to their loved ones. These gifts can be expensive or of a low price, large or small, gifts that can reflect the need of the person.

What would you want for Christmas as a gift? A laptop, a mobile phone, a dress, a new car? For me I only want one kind of gift this Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is… Peace. I would want to meet with different people of a different faith from mine, and that we give peace to each other and to live in peace with one another. Imagine living in peace and how different the world would be. Imagine you are in peace with your neighbor. This is possible if we put our differences aside, forgiving each other and to let the love of God in our midst.

So Happy Christmas to all, go and make peace with all, so the world may see the love of Christ in the world.


In Peace

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