Monthly Reflection – March 2016 – ‘Carrying the burdens of life’

Every person in the world goes through different difficult moments in life. These difficulties or so called burdens of life can take the form of sickness, being unemployed, family arguments, the death of a family member… and many, many such other examples.

What I have observed through life, is that different people who could be experiencing same burdens of life, can react differently to such same situations, such as when facing a particular sickness. I have observed persons that when being faced with sickness, they react angrily against God and put the blame on God. These same people would carry the burden of their sickness by being bitter towards God and they would not be in peace with themselves, but would be living in despair.

I also have observed other people, who when faced with the same kind of sickness are at peace with themselves. These people had accepted their sickness in such a way, of knowing that God is with them, comforting them, loving them and giving them the necessary grace. The secret of these people is that they trust in Jesus and through the Cross He carries the burdens of their life… their sickness.

What a difference! What do you do, when you are faced with a burden in your life? Are you letting Jesus through the Cross to carry your burdens?


George Calleja

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my forthcoming new book

‘The Light’)


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