Monthly Reflection – June 2016 – ‘Jesus in my life’

Over a number of years I have seen the importance of sharing about what Jesus did in my life. This is an experience which I always try to share with other people. Why do I feel that this is important?

Jesus in my life made a big difference. When I accepted Jesus and had this personal relationship with Him my life became fulfilled. He brought joy to my life, He is always there when I am weak… but above all through Him I got to know the loving Father.

This experience of mine is worth nothing if I keep it to myself. I share about Jesus to others because I have experienced Him personally and know that He is the way. There is no other way in life except through Him.  One can try different thing to be happy and to seek joy in life. But all the worldly things come to an end and none of them will provide true happiness.

Through my experience and of many others, Jesus made this tremendous difference in our lives. He is our Saviour.  All I wish and pray to whoever reads this monthly reflection is to give Jesus a chance in your live.

Let Him show you the Way.

In Unity,

George Calleja – Malta

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