Monthly Reflection – July 2016 – ‘Is your life lived through ‘The Light’?

Everybody asks different questions about their life. People wonder if they are living a fulfilled life. The meaning of life is not the same for all. Different cultures, different religions will have a bearing on the opinion of different people of what the real meaning of life is. Other people do not want to know the truth or are afraid of knowing the truth. The question that few people ask is, ‘is your life lived in the light?’ The answer to this is only known in the depth of each persons’ life… is only known by ‘The Light’ himself, that is our loving Father.

Each person knows the answer to his life. Everyone knows if he is living in the light or not. If you love your neighbour and dedicate your life to help your neighbour, to be one with that person, it is an indication that you are living in the light. On the other hand, if you do not perform concrete acts of love to your neighbour, do not appreciate and neither be interested in the other person needs, the chances are that you are living in darkness… light is not present in your life.

If one really makes a true examine of his life, one will know if he is truly living through ‘The Light’. The result of living through ‘The Light’ is seen by the eagerness of one’s life to know more about Christ and to be like Christ. When one is compassionate, loving the neighbour in a concrete way, forgiving the person for any bad deed, comforting a person, and through many other acts of love, is a way of expressing ‘The Light’ to another person. This all depends if one lives the gospel faithfully in his life. The person who truly lives through ‘The Light’ will reconcile with anyone, will love his neighbour continuously, and be totally dependent upon God to be a merciful person.

So, my encouragement for this month is to try to live your life in ‘The Light’.

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my forthcoming new book
‘The Light’)

In Unity,

George Calleja – Malta

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