Monthly Reflection – August 2016 – ‘It is a joy to help the needy’

Helping a needy person is a blessing to do. Whenever one helps a needy person, joy is experienced in one’s life. This joy is possible when a person has a personal relationship with Jesus. Experiencing joy whenever serving a needy person is possible for all.

But who is the needy person? A needy person could be someone who is sick and wants someone to help to do some errands. Maybe your neighbour cannot buy the necessary food for the family due to financial difficulties… and would appreciate if someone provides the food! There could be people in need to have the opportunity to talk about their difficulties in life and just want someone to listen to them and comfort them. Other would be in need to grow in their spiritual life, to understand what life is all about and to know who Jesus is. There are different other needs a person could want and wishing that other persons could help them with.

Helping a person in need is an opportunity to love, is an opportunity to bring Jesus to the person. So how come that joy is experienced whenever helping a needy person? The secret of experiencing this joy, is that when one loves a needy person, it is Jesus that is receiving this love. The joy is the result of loving Jesus, is the result of having a personal relationship with Jesus.

In our lives we have many opportunities to help the needy. Each of our neighbour is in some kind of need. Are we reaching out to our neighbours? Are we helping our neighbour with their needs?

Helping our neighbour with their needs is an opportunity to love, to give Jesus and to experience His joy.

In Peace

George Calleja – Malta

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