Monthly Reflection – October 2016 – ‘The experience of The Light in our lives has to be shared’

The experience of living in ‘The Light’ in our lives has to be shared with other people. Keeping this treasure to oneself is the downfall for any Christian. Without sharing with others this experience of ‘The Light’ it would not be possible for our spiritual life to grow, to mature; we would not be able to become a holier person… by time this light would fade away. Why? Because our faith is to be shared with others; we are to share the love of the Father, to share the love that comes from God who created us. When we fail to share the love of Christ with others, it could be that we would be depriving them from experiencing and treasuring ‘The Light’.

We are to reach out to our communities: at the place of our work, in our families, at schools and universities, to the whole world and be Jesus to those we come across in our daily life. ‘The Light’ we received is to be shared, is to be given wherever there is darkness, wherever there is lack of hope, lack of peace, to the prisoners, the sick person, the person in search of the truth, the unbelievers, to all mankind.

This is the responsibility of each Christian living in ‘The Light’. We are not to remain idle, doing nothing while other people are in darkness, are in despair. People living in darkness can only be free from darkness if this same light, experienced by Christians, is given to them, is shared with them. Darkness will disappear once ‘The Light’ offered to them is accepted by people and becomes present in their life.

Are we sharing ‘The Light’ with others?

        (This month’s reflection is an extract from my latest new book ‘The Light’)

In Peace.

George Calleja – Malta

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