Monthly Reflection – December 2016 – ‘A Christmas present to the world… let the unborn babies live’

Another Christmas is here. Houses, shops, schools, churches, and streets are already decorated with different colourful lights. Parties are organised, presents are bought, sermons are prepared and buying the food for the Christmas meal is already being done. All this to bring joy to the world by remembering of the birth of Jesus.

During this period, we will hear many speeches all over the world by prominent people. Usually these speeches would focus to bring peace to the world and to end different wars. Also, a lot of good initiatives are held during this time by visiting the homeless, the elderly, by giving present to the poor and such others.

But what would be the best speech, the best initiative, the best Christmas present one can give to the world. This Christmas, the best present to the world is… ‘to let the unborn babies live’. I encourage all prominent people and the public to speak out, to be bold, to be a voice to the voiceless… ‘to let the unborn babies live’. We are to take up initiatives by visiting mothers to be, to encourage them that whatever situation they are passing through, they can be a loving mother… just like Mary.

‘Let the unborn babies live’… let them experience life, listen to the birds, feel the rain and wind, play and cry. ‘Let the unborn babies live’… to go to school, to make friends, to go to work, to be tomorrow leaders of the world. ‘Let the unborn babies live’… to live as we did, to rejoice as we did, to be sad as we did, to feel the pain as we did, to be happy as we did, to be parents as we did.

This is the voice of the voiceless ‘let me live this Christmas and the years to come… let me live as a baby and grow’.

In Unity

George Calleja – Malta
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