Newsletter by George Calleja (Christian Author) – No. 53 – Monthly Reflection – November 2016 – ‘Do I help my neighbour?’

Have you ever stopped for some time and reflected upon if you help your neighbour? This is a reflection that not many persons tend to think about.

Helping my neighbour is a very important aspect of my life. There are different ways and means of how one can help his neighbour. I try that in every occasion I have during the day, no matter who my neighbour is, I do my best to help that person in any way I can. It is a lifestyle that helps me to grow in my spiritual life.

When helping my neighbour it is an occasion for me to present Jesus to the other person. How? By being humble, being a witness of peace, living my faith to the fullness, sharing about Gods love… by being Jesus to the other person.

There is only one aim when helping one’s neighbour through different ways and means. That is of giving them Jesus by loving the other person just as Jesus loves them.

So… do I help my neighbour? Am I being Jesus to my neighbour?

Just reflect for a few seconds…

… know that all that Jesus wants from you is to love Him… by loving your neighbour.

George Calleja

In Unity

George Calleja – Malta
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