Monthly Reflection – January 2017 – ‘Be bold and share the Good News’

During the past weeks, I have reflected a lot upon people who are spiritual wounded. People who have suffered by being abused or bullied, through illness, experiencing the loss of someone special, traumas caused through divorce and many more sufferings. Sufferings that can easily result in a spiritual wound of not believing in God and of feeling abandoned by God. These spiritual wounds can have the consequence of finding it difficult to love one’s neighbour, difficult of helping others and of not being in peace.

But what can one do to help these people? How can one help these people to overcome these spiritual wounds? How can these people be spiritual strong again?

In my opinion we need to be bold and share the Good News. We are to share the Good News to these people to give them hope that even in these sufferings, Jesus loves them in a personal way. We are to help them grow in their faith, to trust Jesus in these sufferings, and to ask Him to heal these spiritual wounds.

We are to be there beside them, to comfort them, just as Jesus would comfort them. We are to be Jesus to them… we are to be the suffering Jesus to these people… and present them to the Cross.

We are to be bold, not to be afraid, to ask the Holy Spirit to use us to share the Good News with the suffering people. This is the mission for all those who follow Christ. The mission to make a difference in society to share the Good News to all.

So, the challenge for this year is to be bold and share the Good News.

In Peace

George Calleja – Malta
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