Monthly Reflection – April 2017 – ‘Through the Cross we are saved’

During this time of the year, every Christian reflects more deeply about the Cross. The Cross that Jesus died on… the Cross that brought us Salvation. Through the Resurrection of Jesus the Cross paved the way for us to be saved. The Cross is the love of Jesus for all mankind.

On the Cross Jesus did not die only for Christians, but He died for all mankind, even if a person is an unbeliever or belonging to another faith, Jesus died for that person. Jesus is Love, and on the Cross He expressed His love through the suffering He went through, to bring us Salvation by the Resurrection.

This is what every Christian is responsible for, to preach, to share with other people, to be Jesus to others, to explain the Cross to all mankind. All mankind is to know about the Cross, as it is through the Cross that one can draw closer to Jesus.

Christians living this experience of knowing they are saved through the Cross are to be another Jesus to others. Through the help of Jesus, Christians are to carry the Cross in their daily lives and be witnesses to others. Christians are to show the world that through the Cross we are saved.

Are you letting Jesus to carry your cross in your live and show you the way to Salvation?

In Unity

George Calleja – Malta
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