Monthly Reflection – March 2017 – ‘Go to Jesus with the wounds’

As Christians, we try to deal with spiritual wounds by going to Jesus. We are to go to Jesus in faith, and ask Him in a humble way to ‘Heal my wounds’. We are to trust Him, to be open to the Spirit of God and let Him penetrate into our hearts… into the deep corners of our hearts where these wounds have been resting for a number of years. These wounds have penetrated our hearts, deepening the scars of hate, anger, jealousy, revenge… of anything that separates us from the loving Father and from being a merciful person towards our neighbours. Indeed, these scars may hinder us from loving our neighbour.

We are not to be doubtful or afraid of approaching Jesus. We know that He loves us in a personal way and has died on the cross to express this love for us. He is there with open arms, ready to receive us back to the Father’s fold. Jesus is there to help us to rise up and walk again, and not to be a ‘crippled’ person in our spiritual lives. Jesus will give us His compassion, His forgiveness, His love, His comfort… and above all will give us His healing.

There is nothing to stop us or prevent us from going to Jesus. We are to let go of fear, of shyness, of pity… we are to be strong in our faith… to let go of sin and steadfastly go to Jesus. We are to give our wounds to Jesus, to receive Him in our hearts, to receive His healing.

(This month’s reflection is an extract from my new book ‘Heal my wounds’)

In Unity

George Calleja – Malta
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