Monthly Reflection – May 2017 – ‘Living our morals and values’

Recently I was wondering about how can the world be in peace? How can I actually love my neighbour? What must one do to fully live one’s Christianity?

There are many ways and means of how the above can be achieved. But as I was deeply thinking and reflecting about life, what came to my mind was that the above questions can be achieved if one lives the Christian morals and values.

Christian morals and values revolve around spiritual devotion, devotion to the family unit and church family, charity work and respect for and promotion of human dignity. If only each Christian had to fully live these morals and values it would be possible to live in peace, it would be easy to love your neighbour, one would really be living Christianity to the full.

But why is it that certain Christians do not live up to these morals and values? Many reasons could lead to such a situation, but the main reason in my opinion, is that there would not be a personal relationship with Jesus in one’s life. Having this personal relationship with Jesus, experiencing His love in a personal way, and giving oneself to the loving Father, would result that the person would fully live the Christian morals and values.  Having this personal relationship with Jesus, would strengthen the spirituality of the person’s life by going against the currents of today’s world, and be able to say ‘yes’ and live the Christian morals and values through peace and grace by the Lord.

So, this is my encouragement to all who want peace in their lives. Seek the relationship with Jesus, let Him mould you into His image… and He will give you the strength to live the Christian morals and values to the full.

In Unity

George Calleja – Malta
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