About George Calleja

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Hi! I am George from Malta.  I have spent six years doing evangelisation work with the International Catholic Programme for Evangelisation (ICPE), and presently since twenty years ago I have been an active member within the Focolare Movement in Malta.

In June 2012 I made a website on the internet by the name of ‘Peace and unity in  our lives’ with the address as:-  https://sites.google.com/site/peaceinunity/home

The aim of this blog is to provide  inspiration and encouragement for life, and hope that this small  contribution of mine will provide an opportunity for people around the  globe to find courage in their life, by trusting God to be more present  in their life. 

I would like your help in three important ways.  These are:-

  1. by praying to the Holy Spirit so that this blog may spiritually enrich those who visit it,

  2. by directly participating in the different opportunities that are provided through this blog,

  3. and finally by providing the link of this blog to any individually around the globe that can benefit from it by using it on another website such as parishes, youth organisations etc.

Through the above three ways, you would be helping people to have an inspiration and find encouragement in their life.

Well, let me get back about myself……. During the years 1990 to 1996 I was a full time missionary with ‘The International Catholic Programme for Evangelization – ICPE’ and have evangelized in various countries, such as Russia, Ghana, Poland, Germany, and Malta amongst others. Since 1997, I am married and am an active member of the Focolare Movement in Malta.

During the six years of my life as a missionary with ICPE’, to share His Love in different countries, I did face the challenge of saying ‘Yes’ to Him. It was a difficult decision to make, as I had to leave everything behind: my family, my friends, giving up my job… But as I had a deep faith in Him, I told Him ‘Yes’… I will follow You… trusting, that he would take care of me in all aspects of my life. That prayer of mine opened the doors for me to give my ‘Yes’ to Him… to follow Him.

In the following six years as a missionary, and also after that time, Jesus has always taken care of me, has always provided me with blessings and grace, and has also taken care of me financially. Through faith, and my personal relationship with Him, He has taught me how to trust Him, and how to really follow Him freely and in peace.

During my time as a missionary with ‘ICPE’, I recall going through different sacrifices. There were times when as a group we performed a mime in the streets of Germany and other countries, to bring forth the message of Salvation, together with our testimonies and preaching. It wasn’t the first time that people watching us made fun of us, laughed at us and ridiculed us. I used to feel the pain… but during the same occasion, I would see other people receiving our message of hope and desiring Jesus… that would encourage me to keep on going spreading the Good News!

Many times, I have turned to Him in prayer for direction in life. He has always shown me the way in these situations. He has shown me what to do and what to say.

My recent experience of Jesus showing me the way, is precisely of writing Christian books. Since the early nineties when I was a missionary, I always felt this desire inside me to write books with a Christian theme. I never really understood what this meant, or maybe I did not take up the challenge at that time. Maybe, I never had the time to do it! Still, over these years I kept feeling that He wanted it from me! Since that time, it has always been in my heart… but it was never fulfilled!

My ‘Yes’ to take up this challenge happened in November 2014, and since then, I have published five Christian books. God has paved the way for me to do it. I do sacrifice myself to write these books, as it needs time to write and to publish. But, I thank Him, that through this challenge, although it is tough, it is also peaceful and it is rewarding to see other people appreciating my work, and receiving the messages I write… which are based on Jesus’ love to us, that is, His Salvation.

My writings are a simple message of encouragement for life, to make the reader think about what life is all about, and to give the reader a challenge to live life through God’s Love. My writings are based on my Christian values, and I try to reach out to all people in the world, whatever their belief is, as I believe that every person is able to love his neighbour. So through my writings, I present the message to the readers to have this personal relationship with God and to love every person through God’s love.

So, I do appreciate your prayers and support, that I may continue to publish Christian books. And finally I hope that you enjoy my writings and be blessed by reading them.

If you want to contact me personally please email me at :- peacethroughunity@gmail.com

I hope that you find this site of interest and may it bring peace to your life.

Best wishes,


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