Hi! I am George from Malta.  I have spent six years doing evangelisation work with the International Catholic Programme for Evangelisation (ICPE), and presently since seventeen years ago I have been an active member within the Focolare Movement in Malta.

In June 2012 I made a website on the internet by the name of ‘Peace and unity in  our lives’ with the address as:-  https://sites.google.com/site/peaceinunity/home

The aim of this blog is to provide  inspiration and encouragement for life, and hope that this small  contribution of mine will provide an opportunity for people around the  globe to find courage in their life, by trusting God to be more present  in their life. 

I would like your help in three important ways.  These are:-

  1. by praying to the Holy Spirit so that this blog may spiritually enrich those who visit it,
  2. by directly participating in the different opportunities that are provided through this blog,
  3. and finally by providing the link of this blog to any individually around the globe that can benefit from it by using it on another website such as parishes, youth organisations etc.

Through the above three ways, you would be helping people to have an inspiration and find encouragement in their life.

I hope that you find this site of interest and may it bring peace to your life.

Best wishes,

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