I have read many religious/spiritual books in my lifetime. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Yes I will follow him” by George Calleja. It was short and sweet, and easy to read. The Following of St Paul and Mother Mary’s ‘Yes’ are beautifully written to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. What touched me the most is the story of the author’s personal response of “Yes”. His story proved that there is a God and He is always there for each and every one of us. There will be times of trials and hardships, but in the end, God prevails. The experience is priceless and the reward eternal. This is a must read for all who are asking these questions: Who is HE? Why should I say “Yes”? What will happen if and when I say “Yes”? Or if you already said “Yes” and are facing hardship and ready to quit, read this book and you will be encouraged, knowing you are not alone. You are never alone. Well done George Calleja.



How does one surrender to the Lord and find a greater happiness than they ever knew existed? Using biblical examples and life experiences, Author George Calleja offers an answer to the question. Ultimately, we are spiritual beings who are in a constant search for something greater than ourselves. What I got from this book is that taking a chance, getting out of that comfort zone, surrendering, and serving one can fill that hole in our hearts with the spirit, finding peace and increased faith in God and humanity.

The public view of religion in this “modern” age is that it is restrictive and prohibits people from really living through passions, blocking pleasures. However, are we really living when we are driven by temporary pleasures? This book offers the point of view which is contrary to the world view, offering a view which is satisfying to the seat of the human experience… our soul. Imagine really living through saying “yes!” to Christ, living fully by being of service to God and His creation… humanity.

The bible is filled with flawed human beings who said “yes!” to a journey of self sacrifice and true happiness, bringing the Truth to the world. Examples used include St. Paul and the Blessed Mother who honored where they were being called by the Lord and surrendered completely to His will and greater purpose. Although they were met with rejection and did so at great peril, these powerful witnesses are the inspiration to live a more fulfilling existence by unifying your path with that of God’s vision for your life. It is a path of surrender, service, and ultimately love of humanity and the Lord.

This is a great, easy read that seeks to inspire others to take action, offer service to our fellow man, and to be of service to God for His higher purpose and yours. Mr. Calleja speaks from a position of experience, spreading the gospel through action, love, and at great personal sacrifice, but the lessons learned, in terms of spiritual development, were invaluable.



Has reviewed the book as follows:
‘I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I strongly recommend anyone to read “Yes I will follow him” by George Calleja. It was beautifully written. I admire how George Calleja let go of his job and family and did ministry for 6 years abroad. It is not easy to let go of everything and just follow Jesus. But there is so much more reward and blessing in following Jesus. I really enjoyed the different verses George mentioned like when Mary was visited by the angel and was told that she would give birth to Jesus, God’s son and how she just said yes to the lord, trusting him completely. There is so much for a reader to learn in this novel and I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in exploring a closer relationship with the Lord.’



Has reviewed the book as follows:
‘When it comes to religious/spiritual themes I prefer shorter books such as The Tao or The Cloud of Unknowing. Like these books Calleja gives the reader a singular concept upon which to meditate—the concept of saying “yes” to Jesus. A wise teacher of mine once said, “There is room in love to say ‘no’”. For most of us there are many to who “no” is the appropriate response. In ‘Yes’…I will follow Him, Calleja presents a simple truth—that saying “yes” to Jesus loses one nothing and gains one everything. A very delightful meditation on love.’

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I hope that you find this ebook of interest and that reaches its aim of helping you in your spiritual growth.


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