Prayer request (2)

‘I would like to pray for my family , to be united and happy all the time. Also, I would like to pray  for  the poor people in the world!’ (Cristina – Malta)

‘Please pray for peace and love everywhere and with everyone.’ (Anonymous – USA)

‘Keep my family in your prayers’  (Pris Tejada – USA)

‘Pray for the sick people especially those suffering from cancer.  May the Lord give them the required peace and serenity in this situation, and if it is His will may the Lord heal them’. (George – Malta)


Prayer request (1)

•   I would like your prayers as my wife had to go to the hospital.   Also I ask you to pray that my music would sell on the internet (iTunes, – my artist name is GLam’s Song) as I need to earn a living thru it! Thanks, in Christ. (Gordon – Canada)

•   I would like to pray for a friend who has cancer.  If it is your will, may she be cured of her illness. (Maria – Malta)

•   Please pray for my 30 year old son who is a drug addict. (Anonymous – Malta)

•   A friend of mine who is a disabled person is trying to find work. I ask for your prayers so that Jesus may provide him with a suitable work. Thanks. (George – Malta)


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